Setting up products? Don’t panic!

Our last post talked about setting up your online shop so it can be found by your potential customers, and they are encouraged to buy once they get there. This post looks at the practical aspects of setting up products. … Read More

Getting your products found in your online shop

As part of our business we run workshops on all sorts of subjects relating to business and IT. Next week we are running one called “Selling Online”, through the Small Business Clinic. It is all about how to sell your … Read More

A new vishing attempt

We know about”vishing” (voice phishing) phone calls but would we fall for one? We had a new variant this week. You’ve heard this one before I expect that we are all familiar with the call that purports to come from … Read More

Be prepared!

This week we have been busy preparing for our “Email marketing with MailChimp” workshop. We are running it through the Small Business Clinic to a sold-out audience at Upper Newton Farmhouse on Thursday, so we need to be ready. Doing all the preparation has reminded us of a lesson that everyone should take heed of when they start something new: BE PREPARED!… Read More

Is your email address letting you down?

What is your business email?

I cannot be the only person who looks at emails addresses. How many emails do you get from “major” web design/ digital/ development companies in India … with an email address or At a networking event, you can look at the attendees list and pick out new/ micro businesses by the email addresses. Some people have set up a separate email address for their company: others look like they are using their home email account.… Read More

Understanding your customer is vital

Do you know when your customer is active on the internet? One of our clients is Malvern Family History Society. Despite not being the biggest society in the world, they have a very active website with new news added regularly, … Read More

Think before you update

WordPress 4.3 is available! Please update now. WordPress 4.3 arrived this week with some nice new features attached and a whole list of bug fixes… If you use more that a couple of plugins, it can seem as if there … Read More

How high up the Google Rankings can you get?

How can I get higher up the Google rankings? This is a question that a lot of our customers ask, especially when they have just created a new website. They have googled themselves and been disappointed not to be ranked … Read More

Using social media in a business

Why should I use social media? Most businesses now use social media as part of their marketing effort, but why use them and which should you use? The first thing to emphasise is that social media is just one arm of … Read More

When backing up – think about recovery!

A couple of events last week have led me to think about backup – and more specifically about recovery.  It is easy to say “Yes, my machines are backed up” and even “Yes, I can recover files from the backup”. … Read More

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