You need to be found and SEO is how you do it!  It stands for search engine optimisation and simply means taking all the steps you can to make sure that your site performs at its best in the search engines. How you do this changes with time, so you need to keep up to date.

Five tips for Google Analytics

Virtually every website you visit nowadays asks you whether you agree to the use of cookies on their site. In most cases this will be because the site is collecting visitor information through Google Analytics. The cookie is used allows … Read More

What can Google Analytics tell me?

Last night in the pub, the discussion turned to what was happening next week and I mentioned our Google Analytics workshop. “Ah”, said the barman, “It’s a while since I checked mine. The trouble is that it is too easy … Read More

How does Google know where my website is?

How your website is wired into the internet is not a subject most people lose sleep about – until it needs to be changed. Below is a short explanation of how hosting and registration fit together. We also throw in … Read More

Is counting words a distraction?

Are you counting words? Counting words is not a modern phenomenon.  I remember trying to distill a 4 week mapping project into a mere 6,000 words while at university. My daughter had a similar issue when writing her dissertation – … Read More

How high up the Google Rankings can you get?

How can I get higher up the Google rankings? This is a question that a lot of our customers ask, especially when they have just created a new website. They have googled themselves and been disappointed not to be ranked … Read More

Google favours mobile-friendly sites

Use of the internet on mobile devices has rocketed over the last couple of years. Google is taking notice of this trend and is adding a “mobile friendly” test to determine a site’s ranking in search results So, if your site is not mobile friendly it will end up lower in the search results.… Read More