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Jargon-free support for small businesses

There are lots of business and IT consultants around, but we like to think Nepeta Consulting is different.

If you have been bamboozled by geeks or overwhelmed by consultants' lingo, then you've come to the right place. We like to speak plain English and are happy to answer stupid questions, because those are often the most important!

We combine business and IT consultancy

A business can't function without IT any more but it doesn't have to be a painful experience. IT certainly should be not viewed in a separate bubble to the other aspects of business - the technology needs to work for the business rather than the other way around.  With our experience, we can provide the mix of business and IT consultancy that small businesses and organisations need. Our aim is to provide helpful, common sense assistance to all our clients in a language they can understand. So, whether you need assistance with sales, marketing, finance, a website,  database or IT, get in touch.

Services from Nepeta

Running a business?

We offer practical advice and coaching for small and micro businesses.

Our business coaching does not stop at advice, we'll also help you do all those tasks to make your business work. Whether it's your marketing, business strategy, IT or the practicalities of running the business we use our experience to help you achieve your dreams.
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Want help with your website?

We provide web design, hosting and training for new sites as well as ones needing some TLC

For new websites we use WordPress to help you create one will work for your business. It has to look good, work well for visitors and be found. We aim to leave you in control of your website; able to maintain it yourself but with us there to catch you if necessary. For existing sites, we can change technology or help you keep it going.
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Need to use our expertise?

Use our expertise to solve your system problems.

Have you a vital system that's causing you problems? We have years of business and IT expertise that can help you get your systems working for you. Whether it's a spreadsheet, Access database, Mailchimp or a more complex system, get in touch and see if we can help.
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IT Training for Small Businesses, Groups and Individuals

Small Business Clinic - the workshop brand for Nepeta Consulting

We run workshops on business and IT covering a wide range of subjects including: websites, MailChimp, GDPR, marketing, Google Anaytics and improving your use of IT. These are run under the banner of the Small Business Clinic. The workshops run in Worcestershire and Herefordshire throughout the year.

Face-to-face Workshops Cancelled due to Covid-19

With the current restrictions in place, we have had to cancel our Bloom.Space workshops for the foreseeable future.

We are looking to see whether we can run some online sessions in the near future and are happy to continue to do one-to-one sessions online.

One-to-One Training

Sometimes you have a problem that doesn't fit nicely into a workshop or need some more focussed attention, so we also provide one-to-one training.  It doesn't matter how trivial the subject may seem, we're happy to help. Perhaps you just need assistance to understand the technical jargon of a package or want to integrate information from two or more packages. Whether it's learning to send emails or the intricacies of MailChimp, SEO, WordPress and websites, we can help.

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