Hello, we are Nepeta Consulting...

We are experienced web designers, trainers and business consultants

Our broad range of skills enables us to provide high quality support to small businesses, charities and social organisations. We work with clients across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and beyond.

Supporting you and your business

Our aim is to make sure you are able to look after your own business systems (websites, marketing, databases, etc.) without spending a fortune on support. However, we are always there to support you when you require it. So, if that’s what you need then please read on.


Web design, hosting, training and support

We  help you create the website that will work for your business. It has to look good (DESIGN), work well for visitors (FUNCTIONALITY) and be found easily (SEO – search engine optimisation).

With a website from us, you are in control; able to maintain it yourself but with us there to catch you if necessary.

If you have an existing site that needs sorting then we can with that too.

Training and workshops

A Small Business Clinic workshop in progress.

Tailored workshops and one-to-one training for small businesses

If you or your staff need some training, we can provide workshops or one-to-one training tailored specifically for you. We cover a wide range of business and IT subjects including: websites, Mailchimp, GDPR, marketing, Google Analytics and improving your use of IT. These are run under the banner of the Small Business Clinic.

Our workshops are designed for no more than 8 people and so can be very interactive. They can take place at your location or online. Likewise, the one-to-one training can be offered online or in-person.

Running a business

Starting a business - lots to think about that Nepeta Consulting can help with

Practical consultancy and advice for small businesses

Our business coaching does not stop at advice, we will also help you do all those tasks to make your business work. We can take an independent view of your business and offer impartial advice and support. Sometimes, that’s just confirmation that you were right in the first place – invaluable if you are on your own.

Whether it’s your marketing, business strategy, IT or the practicalities of running the business we use our experience to help you achieve your dreams.

Use our expertise

Nepeta Consulting can help you solve complex business and IT problems

Use our knowledge and skills to solve your problem

Have you a vital system that’s causing you problems?

We have years of business and IT expertise that can help you get your systems working for you.

Whether it’s a spreadsheet, Access database, Mailchimp or a more complex system, get in touch and see if we can help.