Get your marketing directions right

Confused or What? The other day I spotted the above collection of road sign by some road works. This is either the shortest diversion ever or some very bad sign placement. Either way, it made me laugh! Lessons in Clear … Read More

Five ways to find that email

You know the scenario. You know there is an email which contains a piece of vital information somewhere in your mailbox. You may know who sent it and have an idea of when, or maybe the subject, but can you … Read More

Organise your research with OneNote

At Nepeta, we spend quite a lot of time researching. This can be looking for the best theme or plugin for a website, solving a technical problem or finding other information for a client. How we research All research works … Read More

How much security do you need?

What level of security is appropriate for your business? Everyone is aware of the need for security when they are using a computer. Cyber-attacks are talked about in the news with increasing regularity with large businesses being completely hamstrung by … Read More

For want of a password…

Lock out! The other day a friend of mine received a phone call in the office: his wife had locked herself out of their daughter’s flat.  Her handbag with keys, money and phone was inside, as was her daughter’s key. … Read More

New .com domain? Beware of spam!

Web design spam Last week, I registered a new .com domain for a client. The domain was registered in her name, but with Nepeta as the contact. Within a few days, we started to receive the spam emails. Not a … Read More

Computers are interesting for cats as well as people

Something light-hearted for a change! When creating websites it is important to us that we train our clients so that they can maintain their website afterwards. On this particular occasion we were training a client who has a business selling dog … Read More

How to reduce your Twitter emails

When you first sign up for Twitter you are presented with lots of options to set. The easiest thing to do is to leave most of the settings as the default values. Apart from anything else, this is quicker as it saves … Read More

Branding – the software engineer’s view

Our next Small Business Clinic workshop on Thursday is on the subject of branding. You can buy tickets for the workshop here but do read on! The importance of branding Getting the right look for your business/ product/ company is … Read More

Why spreadsheets?

We ran a workshop last month covering the basics of spreadsheets.  During the morning we covered the question “why spreadsheets?” Spreadsheets are an incredibly powerful tool for manipulating and reporting numbers as well as other types of data. This makes … Read More

Improving the effectiveness of your marketing

Marketing is key Over the next few weeks we have a series of workshops on different subjects which all relate back to marketing. Tomorrow (16th) we have “Getting the Words Right” – where we look at how to create good … Read More

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