We love technology, well, most of the time. Here are some tips that you may be able to apply to your own systems. If it’s beyond you, give us a call!

Should my website be https?

Have you looked at the address bar in your browser recently? If you have, you might have noticed some changes sneaking in. One is the increasing use of secure (https) sites even if there is no interaction with the visitor. … Read More

Three tips for Spreadsheets

Following a discussion on spreadsheets at the Hereford Referrals Brunch last Friday, I thought that some tips are worth sharing. Many spreadsheets are built, used and then forgotten. Others are well used and get developed further to provide more information to the … Read More

Think before you update

WordPress 4.3 is available! Please update now. WordPress 4.3 arrived this week with some nice new features attached and a whole list of bug fixes… If you use more that a couple of plugins, it can seem as if there … Read More

When backing up – think about recovery!

A couple of events last week have led me to think about backup – and more specifically about recovery.  It is easy to say “Yes, my machines are backed up” and even “Yes, I can recover files from the backup”. … Read More

Keeping up to date

Does your software have hidden functions? It seems as if every time I open an application nowadays, it comes up with a update to apply.  This is particularly noticeable with Open Source packages – WordPress and associated plugins, FireFox etc. … Read More

Why you need at least two email addresses

Last week our very reliable email provider suffered a disk failure that left a very small percentage of their users without access to their mailboxes and unable to receive or send emails. I was one of those unlucky few and this … Read More

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