Is your email secure? Does it work? Can you find emails when you need to?

These are just some of the topics we cover in this section.

Five ways to find that email

You know the scenario. You know there is an email which contains a piece of vital information somewhere in your mailbox. You may know who sent it and have an idea of when, or maybe the subject, but can you … Read More

Is your email address letting you down?

What is your business email?

I cannot be the only person who looks at emails addresses. How many emails do you get from “major” web design/ digital/ development companies in India … with an email address @gmail.com or @outlook.com? At a networking event, you can look at the attendees list and pick out new/ micro businesses by the email addresses. Some people have set up a separate email address for their company: others look like they are using their home email account.… Read More

Why you need at least two email addresses

Last week our very reliable email provider suffered a disk failure that left a very small percentage of their users without access to their mailboxes and unable to receive or send emails. I was one of those unlucky few and this … Read More