A website that you can look after yourself

No more expensive bills just to change a few words on your website!

Whether you are a business, club or society, we want to make sure you are in charge of the site and of the finances. We will train you to support your own site, so that you can make changes whenever you want safe in the knowledge that we are there to help if required.

When you get a website from Nepeta, we will:

  • Help you decide what you want to achieve with your website
  • With you, create a website that does what you require and looks good
  • Train you to maintain the site for yourself
  • Make sure that your website is properly integrated into the rest of your marketing strategy.

We love creating websites that not only look good but work well for users and are easy to maintain so that on-going changes don’t cost the earth.

So, if you need help

Whether it’s your existing website causing problems or that you need a new one, we are happy to help you.

Examples of websites by Nepeta Consulting

Your website is important

It has to look good and appeal to your customers

Web design is important: we work with you to understand your target audience and what will attract them and what might drive them away. If you don’t already have a company brand or need a refresh, we can help you create this.

The site should work efficiently

There’s more to website creation than the web design and branding. It is essential that visitors can move quickly around your site to the key place, be it a phone number, contact form or buy button. We also advise you on how to write in a style that will appeal to your customers and they will understand.

The technology must be reliable

Most of the websites we create are based on the WordPress framework. This gives you access to a large number of themes and plugins which add functionality and style to your website with little effort on your part. All you need to do is concentrate on getting your message across, i.e. the words and pictures, using an editor no harder to use than a word processor to use. This means that, once the site is created, with only minimal training you can maintain your own site and you don’t need an expensive maintenance contract.

SEO and Social Media

Not only should your website look good and work for your visitors, it needs to be found! We show you on how to come up high on the results lists when people search for your subject. No one can guarantee first place, but we’ll help you get as high as we can.

Linking your site up with your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) gives your clients an integrated experience. It’s a great way to market your business too.

Once you are connected up, you can use Google Analytics to understand how people use your site. We can teach you how to use this tool and then you will be able see how to improve your site further.


Our aim is to give you control over your website rather than having to rely on someone else. We can host your website or you can use another supplier. Our maintenance package includes doing the WordPress and security updates for you, plus help by phone or email. We expect you to maintain your site content but, because we know that it’s easy to forget how to do things, we are always there on the end of a phone or email if you need some assistance.

Exploring Google Analytics
Nepeta Consulting can provide expertise to help you improve your business systems

Getting a website from us

Our commitment to you

Whilst website design can be complex and frightening for the uninitiated, maintaining the content is pretty straightforward, especially on WordPress. Our aim, therefore, is that once we have helped you design the site and trained you how to use WordPress, you will be confident enough to maintain your own website. This keeps down your costs as well as allowing you to make sure that your content is correct. There’s no more relying on an unresponsive or expensive web developer to update some words for you or add a picture! But if you get stuck, you can always give us a ring and we’ll pull you out of the hole!

Got a website that’s causing you problems?

If you already have a website but are struggling to get the support you need from your current supplier, get in touch! We have helped a number of clients who have had problems with their site. We have:

  • Rescued hacked sites
  • Acted as technical go-between client and their supplier
  • Advised on improvements to a website site for others to implement
  • Taken over a site abandoned by the previous supplier
  • Trained clients to update their own site
Don't take it out on the computer - get in touch with Nepeta Consulting!

So, if you need help

Whether it’s your existing website causing problems or that you need a new one, we are happy to help you.