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Your website is your online shop window

Shop front for your wares
Even if you are not selling directly on the web, most businesses need a website. It is almost obligatory and also adds credibility to your business. However, a website is “not just for Christmas” it needs to work and it must be kept fresh. You need to make sure that it is easy to maintain so that it doesn’t eat into your time.

We love creating websites that not only look good but work in all the ways we have described above. We also strive to make sure that your website is easy to maintain, even by you if you wish, so that on-going changes don’t cost the earth.

Nepeta websites are responsive

We make sure that all our sites are designed to be responsive. In other words, they will work on the variety of devices used today to access the internet: PC, laptop, tablet and phone.

Responsive design means your website works on all types of device

Responsive design means your website works on all types of device

Design is important...

We enjoy creating designs that will please your customers. We work with you to understand your target audience and what they will like or hate. It is important that the look and feel of your website does not drive you customers away after all!

Examples of websites created by Nepeta Consulting

Most of the websites we create are based on the WordPress framework. With this we are able to get sites up and running quickly. There are a large number of themes and plugins available adding functionality and style to a website, so setting it up is quick and straightforward. All you need to do is concentrate on getting your message across, i.e. the words and pictures. Even the editor is no harder than a word processor to use.  All this means that once the site is created, with only minimal training, you can maintain your own site and you don’t need an expensive maintenance contract.

But there is more to a website than the pictures

Having a website that looks good is fundamental but there are several other aspects that are just as important. Ignoring any of these aspects of your website can damage its effectiveness as a marketing or selling tool dramatically.  Think about how many sites you visit and quickly abandon!

It is important to know what the purpose of your website is. Is it a brochure site or a shop, for example?

The first thing we do is sit down with you and make sure both sides understand exactly what the website needs to achieve.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to ask for the wrong thing and regret it later. We don't want this to happen.

Your site needs to match the company branding and style. It is important that people recognise your business.

If you don't already have a settled company branding, we can help with this.

Then comes the site design: the image to site portrays has to match what you want to achieve.

You need to consider how users will move around your site. You want users to reach the important point (e.g. the 'buy' button) quickly.

If moving around the site is not easy or users have to dig too deep for information, people will abandon your site and all your effort will have been wasted.

You need to make sure you write in a style that your customers will understand.

It's your business, so the words on the website really need to be yours but some people find this hard. We can advise on the writing style, help with the words and take an objective look at the content from a customer's point of view.

You need people to find your site, so it needs to come up high on the results lists when people search for your subject.

We will advise on Search Engine Optimisation to get your website high enough up on the search engine results to be found.

We will arrange for your site to be hosted, if this is not already done, and check that you have the right package.

We can provide a range of hosting options, depending on your requirements, either through our own scheme or a third party, if this is more appropriate.

Sites need to be updated regularly but you don't want this to take up too much time.

We create your website on WordPress and teach you how to maintain it yourself. WordPress is easy for anyone to use and we are always there on the end of a phone if you need some help.

Our aim is to give you control over your website rather than having to rely on someone else and paying them.

On-going maintenance for your site is available. The level of maintenance is up to you but it can include anything from ensuring the site is backed up, applying any security updates that may be required, regular monitoring of traffic to your site to on-going advice on changes to keep it up to date.

Link up your website and social media

A website on its own is not of much use to any business. You need to make sure it is linked in properly with all your other marketing activities, whether this is putting the web address on a leaflet or coordinating all your digital marketing and social media efforts.

There are many social media you can use: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to name but a few. You need to know which will work best for your business, otherwise you'll be wasting effort.

We will help you to work through a marketing plan and decide which social media will work best for you. We will link these into your website for you. If you are unfamiliar with socal media was are happy to provide one-to-one training on social media to get you started.

Getting a website from us

Whilst website design can be complex and frightening for the uninitiated, maintaining the content is pretty straightforward, especially on WordPress. Our aim, therefore, is that once we have helped you design the site and trained you how to use WordPress, you will be confident enough to maintain your own website. This keeps down your costs as well as allowing you to make sure that your content is correct. There's no more relying on an unresponsive or expensive web developer to update some words for you or add a picture.

But if you get stuck, you can always give us a ring and we'll pull you out of the hole!

Starter Website
  • WordPress Website
  • Basic design using standard template
  • Home, News, Contact Us Pages
  • Training to create your own content. We aim to make you self-sufficient!
Web Design Support
  • Custom design for your website, including colour scheme and logo
  • Help to optimised the experience for your visitors on your site
  • Assistance with Search Engine Optimisation
Annual Website Support
from £80
  • Hosting for your website, if required.
  • Our basic package includes 250Mbytes space, e-mail forwarding, backup, security updates applied for you.
  • Phone support, when you get stuck

For more information

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