Every business or group needs to market themselves.

Marketing is a wide subject, so there’s all sorts of tips in these posts.

Target your emails and marketing

Target your emails and marketing buy making sure your emails are sent only to people that are interested. They achieve a much higher rate of success as a result and fewer people will think you're trying to fill their inbox with junk.

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Talking your customer’s language

Talking your customer’s language
There are lots of ways to describe email. Which ones should you use today?

At Nepeta Consulting we work hard to understand our customers and explain things in their language. This is vitally important…

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How quickly websites change

How quickly websites change
This is what our website looked like in 2013. It's quite different to the current version.

Rerunning workshops shows up change We run our "Designing a business website" workshop for the Small Business Clinic quite regularly.…

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