Hello, we are Mandy and Catherine and we are Nepeta Consulting

We help people who are passionate about their business but need some assistance to improve how it works. We are not traditional business coaches or IT consultants as we don’t like to stop at telling you what you need to do: we also help you work out how to do it. We use our expertise and experience to help you create the systems and business you want: you are still in charge, we’re just there to support you.

Unlike many IT companies, we are not young and are not computer geeks! To us, users come first and we have spent many years working to ensure that what we deliver meets the needs of both the users and business. We use our experience and maturity to apply common sense to technology. We combine a high level of IT knowledge with the practical skills required to run a business.

Nepeta Consulting is based in Malvern and Ledbury and can provide a face-to-face service across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. We are also happy to have clients further afield.

Whatever your problem, it’s worth talking to us.

Nepeta Consulting preparing for a Small Business Clinic workshop at Upper Newton Farmhouse, Kinnersley

How we work:

We make sure we understand what you want and then make sure you get the affordable solution that fits. We take on large projects and small; so even if you just require some advice or a couple of hours’ assistance, we can help.

We listen and advise

We design and build

We implement and train

We support and maintain

We analyse and improve

No business is too small for us …

Even if you are a one man band struggling to get to grips with IT, we can get you on your feet and keep you going.

… and if you’re not a business

We can help you too. We provide support to charities, community groups and individuals to help them get the best out of their computer systems. Whether it’s a website or just learning how to use a computer, we can help.

Why the Small Business Clinic?

We created the Small Business Clinic to fill the need we found when we set up our own business.  Being small does not make it any easier to set up or run a business. In fact it is the reverse! You have limited resources, time and knowledge and so there are aspects of business where you need to use outside help.

When we started up, we spent lots of time finding out what we had to do and working out how to do it.  Expert advice was readily available and freely given but we quickly learnt that we needed to filter it and work out what was right for us. Then there was the problem of applying it. Lots of people liked giving advice but putting it into practice for others what not what they did. What we really wanted to find was a place where we could ask all the questions at once, get answers we could understand and then get help with applying it.

Nepeta Consulting is now well established and running smoothly.  We have noted the pitfalls along the way, as well as the missed opportunities. We want to pass the knowledge we have gained onto other businesses and help them. The Small Business Clinic is the result.

Cross-discipline support

We take pride in being able to see beyond our own specialties to the bigger picture. This way we can tackle problems which cross more than one discipline and find solutions which will work for the whole business.

Normally we present the workshops ourselves but we also invite in guest speakers who are experts in their field to cover subjects where we know we don’t have sufficient knowledge. In this way we can offer a more complete and coordinated service to our clients, whether they are start-ups, growing businesses or charities.