Building the business jigsaw

Workshops that provide the "how" as well as the "what"

You need to know about so much when you're running a business and there are plenty of consultants offering advice.

BUT how many times do you seek advice and are told "what you should do is..." but not the "how to do it"?

This is where we aim to be different. We provide not only the advice but also practical training and support to help you do what you need to. Our workshops cover many aspects of the work involved in running a small businesses, charities and group. We cover marketing, sales, running the business as well as IT applications. The workshops are usually hands-on so that you get a chance to practice and gain confidence and skills to "do it".

If you need support to plan, start or grow your business, have a look at the workshops we offer.

We offer three types of workshops

The workshops are delivered at our base at BLOOM.SPACE in Malvern and also across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.