Keeping you and your data safe is vital to your business. These posts have lots of simple actions you can take to improve your security both in the office and online.

Is your iphone wifi really off?

I updated my iPhone to IOS 11 over the weekend. When I next looked at the screen, I noticed that both wifi and bluetooth were on.  Strange. I normally have my wifi on at home, but keep my bluetooth off … Read More

Do you need my address?

Last week I booked on an event. It was a free event – no payments involved and no tickets required. When I got to the registration screen, the system started asking me for information. It wanted name, email, address and … Read More

Every website admin should have an alter ego

When you manage a website, either for yourself or for a client, you are in a privileged position. You are effectively a god with permission to do everything. This can give you a very skewed view of your website. It can … Read More

Should my website be https?

Have you looked at the address bar in your browser recently? If you have, you might have noticed some changes sneaking in. One is the increasing use of secure (https) sites even if there is no interaction with the visitor. … Read More

How much security do you need?

What level of security is appropriate for your business? Everyone is aware of the need for security when they are using a computer. Cyber-attacks are talked about in the news with increasing regularity with large businesses being completely hamstrung by … Read More

For want of a password…

Lock out! The other day a friend of mine received a phone call in the office: his wife had locked herself out of their daughter’s flat.  Her handbag with keys, money and phone was inside, as was her daughter’s key. … Read More

New .com domain? Beware of spam!

Web design spam Last week, I registered a new .com domain for a client. The domain was registered in her name, but with Nepeta as the contact. Within a few days, we started to receive the spam emails. Not a … Read More

A new vishing attempt

We know about”vishing” (voice phishing) phone calls but would we fall for one? We had a new variant this week. You’ve heard this one before I expect that we are all familiar with the call that purports to come from … Read More

When backing up – think about recovery!

A couple of events last week have led me to think about backup – and more specifically about recovery.  It is easy to say “Yes, my machines are backed up” and even “Yes, I can recover files from the backup”. … Read More

Would your backup work?

Results from our Five Minute Healthcheck suggest indicate that most respondents do backup their computers at least once a month. Even better, they have successfully recovered data from the backup.  Before putting a tick in the box and moving on, can … Read More

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