Facebook reveals a lot about your business

Facebbook page for the Small Business Clinic - it's connectedAre you well connected on Facebook? We have been doing quite a bit work with Facebook lately: running workshops and also helping clients from small businesses to get going on Facebook. It has been very interesting looking at how people use Facebook to work out what makes a successful Facebook small business page. Here are just a few pointers on what you must do for it to work.

Make sure your profile image works for your business

Your  profile picture is the image of you that everyone sees when you post on Facebook. People will make a judgement on you as soon as they see it. Even if you are a one-person business, you need to put on a professional image as a person. Don’t have a picture of your pet, your family or you on a great night out, unless those represent what your business does. This applies to both your personal and business page.

A banner image can also say a lot

Again, have images that reflect how you want to be seen: as a professional person and a business. It should be clear – not fuzzy. The main focus of the image needs to be relatively central, as the mobile banner is narrower than on a laptop.

Connect you to your business

People may know you, having met you when networking or by recommendation, and not your business name. Make sure the two are well connected on Facebook. You can list the place you work on Facebook, so do so! It will be linked to your business page so that people can also find your business.

Make use of your intro

Both you and your business have an “About” section where you can tell people about yourself and the business. The information here is used in searches, so make sure you include the right keywords for your business.

LinkedIn, Twitter and all the other social media – all connected?

Don’t forget to do the same for all the other social media platforms you use. You need to be found, so make it easy for people to do so.

Stuck? Come on our workshops!

Our Small Business Clinic runs workshops on social media and other aspects of business: marketing, sales, pricing, etc. The workshops are all very practical and hands-on, with the sole purpose of making sure that you are in control of your computer and business, rather than it controlling you. If there is a subject that you would like to have a workshop, then please get in touch.