We love technology, well, most of the time. Here are some tips that you may be able to apply to your own systems. If it’s beyond you, give us a call!

Why you need at least two email addresses

Last week our very reliable email provider suffered a disk failure that left a very small percentage of their users without access to their mailboxes and unable to receive or send emails. I was one of those unlucky few and this … Read More

Would your backup work?

Results from our Five Minute Healthcheck suggest indicate that most respondents do backup their computers at least once a month. Even better, they have successfully recovered data from the backup.  Before putting a tick in the box and moving on, can … Read More

(backup) Location, location, location

We asked about backup locations in our Five Minute Healthcheck. The responses suggest that specific backup devices (e.g. external hard drives or tape) are most popular while cloud storage wipes up most of the rest. Unfortunately very few take the precaution … Read More

Passwords: a thorny issue

Much debate went into issue of what questions we could reasonably ask about passwords in our Five Minute Healthcheck. While we wanted to encourage people to think about what they did, we did not want people to feel we were … Read More

The joy of the checklist

The new website went live yesterday. It was always going to be a slightly interesting job as we did not particularly want to have our site down for any longer than we had to, but we were changing technology, format and … Read More

Why bother doing back-ups?

As part of our Business Review we always ask clients about their back-up arrangements, just to check that they are doing the basics right.  The range of responses to this question is quite revealing. Most people know that they should be making … Read More

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