Does your software have hidden functions?

It seems as if every time I open an application nowadays, it comes up with a update to apply.  This is particularly noticeable with Open Source packages – WordPress and associated plugins, FireFox etc. Many of these updates are security releases and, as such, make no difference to the use of the system, but some releases do introduce new functionality in a more or less obvious way.

We are all creatures of habit and once we have worked out how to use a piece of software, how often do we go off and explore these new functions? Are we carrying on unaware that a new report is available which could save several hours worth of summary spreadsheet?

Allow visitors to your SharePoint site
Allow visitors to your SharePoint site

I have been building up a demonstration SharePoint site this week and it has given me a chance to have a look at some of the features which have been introduced since the last time I was configuring a site.  I also have a to-do list of things to explore when I have the time.

Chief eye-opener to date is the amount of access you can grant to someone without having to pay for an Office 365 subscription. This would make it feasible to build a collaboration site to allow a contractor or partner work with you on a project. Once you had the permission structure set up, they could upload, review and contribute to shared areas, while you still have the site under your control. As an alternative to review by email, that sounds like a good idea!

So, my suggestion for the week is to spend a few minutes looking at those update descriptions and checking out anything that sound useful.