How can I get higher up the Google rankings?

Hitting your Google ranking target - advice from Nepeta Consulting

This is a question that a lot of our customers ask, especially when they have just created a new website. They have googled themselves and been disappointed not to be ranked number 1.

“Guaranteed first page of Google”

This is the statement on many of those slightly dubious emails from internet search companies who would like you to pay them lots of money to get you up the rankings.

I’m afraid as soon as I see this, I tend to press the “delete” button, especially if the email is not from a proper company address. After all, no one can guarantee you a front page listing.

Read the small print

Having said I delete these emails, do read what they say as it does contain some good tips for improving your ranking. You can then improve your Google ranking for yourself.

So what can I do for myself on my website?

Research comes first

Firstly, you need to research what your customers will be putting into Google when they are looking for you. If you don’t have these phrases in your content then they are unlikely to find you.

For example, if you are selling hand-knitted cushions you need to decide whether people will actually type in “hand-knitted cushions” or something more general, such as “cushions”. this is called your “Keyword”.  You can use the facilities on Google Adwords to find out how many times various phrases are searched for. Even if you decide not to pay for an advert, it gives you good information about the likelihood of someone matching your chosen keyword.

Add the keyword to your content

Make sure you include the keyword in the various parts of your web page:

  • Page title
  • Headings (H1, H2, H3…)
  • General text
  • On images – titles and “Alt Text”

Make sure your pages create an integrated website

Every web page is a stand-alone item. Web pages are brought together to form a website using links, so make sure that your page is linked to the rest of the pages on your site. A stand-alone page won’t rank as high on a search engine as one that is obviously part of a large entity.

Also add links to other sites that you know are reputable; it shows you are connected to the world.

OK, I have good content. What else can I do?

You need to show you are part of the internet world.

Get incoming links

This means getting reputable websites to link to you. Generally, the longer your site has been around, the more likely it is to acquire these links. However, there are ways you can help yourself in the meantime.

  • Get yourself listed on directories
  • Ask if your supplier or customers would be willing to mention you on their site

And most important of all – start using social media!

Social media links

Google and the other search engines give ranking points to those sites which have links to and from social media, e.g. Facebook and Twitter. So, get yourself involved in these! You don’t have to do all the different media, indeed it is better to do one or two well than lots badly.

Want some help?

Whilst it’s not difficult to do your own SEO, sometimes you need pointers. We run online workshops on SEO and other similar subjects, so check on the list of upcoming workshops to see if there’s one that you could benefit from.