Putting your potential customers off seems a silly thing to do

Remarkably some businesses think it’s a good idea to put off potential customers before a potential customer has even had a chance to look at they have to offer.

As an example, someone recommended that I looked at a marketing website last week. I typed in the url I’d been given.  Immediately, and before you could get to the front page, it asked for my email. I put in a false one and was shown the following screenshot.


How not to get a subscriber - they are potential customer, why put them off

Needless to say, I did not click on close as a matter of principle. I had not asked to subscribe and at that point had no information to help me realise it would be a good thing to do.

  • I didn’t know what their offering was.
  • I had no idea whether they would be giving me good advice.
  • It could have been a complete scam to steal my details.

So, now they have lost me as a potential client and have yet another false email on their marketing lists. Was that the result they intended?

Yes, I know that this is a rant but it does make a genuine point of how easy it is to put your customers off.

How you should behave to potential customers

Politely! Courteously! With respect!

This applies whether you are meeting them in person or via your website.

In person, you shake their hand, exchange information about each other and swap business cards.

On your website, you welcome them, show them where to find out more about you and your services. Only THEN do you suggest that they sign up/contact you for more information. Someone is far more likely to trust you this way than if they have been forced to part with personal information before even opening the door.

So, please think about your customers and treat them as you would like to be treated.  Look at your website as a potential customer – would you use it?

If you would like help to review your website to see if it works for potential clients, please get in touch.