We make and maintain a lot of websites but that doesn’t mean we want to keep all our secrets to ourselves. Here are some useful tips that you can apply to your own site, or just ask us to do it!

Is counting words a distraction?

Are you counting words? Counting words is not a modern phenomenon.  I remember trying to distill a 4 week mapping project into a mere 6,000 words while at university. My daughter had a similar issue when writing her dissertation – … Read More

Setting up products? Don’t panic!

Our last post talked about setting up your online shop so it can be found by your potential customers, and they are encouraged to buy once they get there. This post looks at the practical aspects of setting up products. … Read More

How high up the Google Rankings can you get?

How can I get higher up the Google rankings? This is a question that a lot of our customers ask, especially when they have just created a new website. They have googled themselves and been disappointed not to be ranked … Read More

Google favours mobile-friendly sites

Use of the internet on mobile devices has rocketed over the last couple of years. Google is taking notice of this trend and is adding a “mobile friendly” test to determine a site’s ranking in search results So, if your site is not mobile friendly it will end up lower in the search results.… Read More

Does a business need a website?

Our Business Healthcheck questionnaire has been running for nearly a month now. It has two aims: To make people think about how they run their business and whether there were any inherent risks or inefficiencies in the way they operate. To … Read More

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