Every business or group needs to market themselves.

Marketing is a wide subject, so there’s all sorts of tips in these posts.

Improving the effectiveness of your marketing

Marketing is key Over the next few weeks we have a series of workshops on different subjects which all relate back to marketing. Tomorrow (16th) we have “Getting the Words Right” – where we look at how to create good … Read More

Be prepared!

This week we have been busy preparing for our “Email marketing with MailChimp” workshop. We are running it through the Small Business Clinic to a sold-out audience at Upper Newton Farmhouse on Thursday, so we need to be ready. Doing all the preparation has reminded us of a lesson that everyone should take heed of when they start something new: BE PREPARED!… Read More

Understanding your customer is vital

Do you know when your customer is active on the internet? One of our clients is Malvern Family History Society. Despite not being the biggest society in the world, they have a very active website with new news added regularly, … Read More

One way to find your customers on Twitter

Dragonflies provide a clue as to how to use Twitter for business In our garden we have a small pond. Over the last few years it has become home to a population of dragonflies. All through the year, you can see … Read More

Web design is all about fashion

Flower Fashion On Saturday I went to the RHS Malvern Spring Show, or Festival as it now called, and was hoping to take lots of pictures of different varieties on nepeta, our namesake flower. In the event, I only managed … Read More

Does a business need a website?

Our Business Healthcheck questionnaire has been running for nearly a month now. It has two aims: To make people think about how they run their business and whether there were any inherent risks or inefficiencies in the way they operate. To … Read More

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