Shot of screen trying to reach a website.

Virus attack!

Our client approached us as they needed some technical help with their website. Their hosting company had taken their server down. It had been infected with a virus which had participated in a denial of service attack. The server had to be clenased before the hosting company would allow it back online. Time was of the essence as the website provided booking for a forthcoming event.

The hosting company could provide advice as to how to cleanse the server but our client was not confident in carrying it out. They asked Nepeta Consulting to liaise with the hosting company and to bring the site back online.

Server recovery

After investigation, we decided that it was going to be easier to reimage the server and restore the website. The client had a backup schedule in place so there was a copy of the site taken shortly before the server went down.

Once the website was back up, we made sure that it was running correctly and that the backups would run. We also took advice from the hosting company on securing the server against future infections.