Letters from a submariner - front index - a website by Nepeta Consulting

This website is a bit different to our usual small business or charity website as it was for an individual.

Margaret is a genealogist. She had found some letters dating from the second world war between a submariner and his friend in Liverpool. She had done a lot of research into both people and the very interesting times in which they were writing.

After 10 years she had accumulated sufficient material for a book. However, she didn’t want to go through the publishing process. Instead, the answer was to create a website from the book material.

Letters from a submariner - narrative index - a website by Nepeta Consulting
Guiding the user through the ‘book’

It was an interesting challenge to make sure that the navigation around the website worked like reading a book. Normally, you’re happy that people can wander around a site on their own path. However, for a site like this, we needed to guide them through the chapters (a page each) in order or it wouldn’t make sense.

As well as the story of the research, there was the reference material to deal with. This can be read in any order but has to be corralled and linked into the main narrative.

Developing the website was an interesting challenge and one we are happy to repeat. Thank you, Margaret!

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