Google provides a hugely popular advertising space, but you need to know how the system works to use it effectively. This workshop covers the mechanics of setting up Google campaigns in both Ads and Shopping and guidance on how to make them successful.

Location: online

Times: 10.00am – 11.30pm

Suitable for: Anyone who wants to use advertising to sell their products or services on Google.


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Google has a massive presence in our digital lives, which means that using their advertising services can potentially bring your brand and products to a large audience. While it started with Adwords on Google Search, you now have the option of using images through Shopping.  The scope has expanded into videos on YouTube and you can also advertise on websites in the Google Display Network and also on Gmail.

While the opportunities have expanded, they are all underpinned by the concept of bidding on keywords.  Setting up and managing your campaigns appropriately can make the difference between success and spending your budget with no tangible results. In this workshop we go into how the system operates, to improve your chances of running a successful campaign.

What the workshop covers

We look at the different options available for Google Advertising and then go through the basics needed to plan and run a campaign.

You will learn:

  • How Google determines which adverts to show and how much to charge. (Note: Although the exact details of their algorithms is secret, general information is available)
  • Which tools you need to set up, run and manage your campaigns
  • How to set up a campaign
  • The importance of keywords to your campaign and how to select them
  • Why you need a good website to back your campaign – and how to improve it

Who should attend?

The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to advertise with Google. The examples will be based on Google Search advertising, but the concepts covered are equally applicable to the other platforms.


Start: 10.00am, 22nd June

Finish: 11.30pm, 22nd June

Online workshops

The workshop is NOT a webinar. It is interactive and will provide opportunities for discussion. We will send you an invitation to join before the meeting.