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Get a website that you can maintain yourself

Websites are so fundamental to our lives now that it's not just businesses that have website. Social groups and clubs, charities and individuals need them too. We recognise that you probably won't have a large pot of money to spend on it. What you need is a helping hand to design the site and set up it to the point from which you can take it on yourself. You want to be able to keep it going in the safe knowledge that there's some friendly support a phone call away.

This is the service that Nepeta Consulting provides to our clients. For examples of some of our sites click here.

Affordable websites

We base our sites on WordPress, widely used for blogging although its uses go far wider than that. It is easy for anyone to use and has a wealth of functionality available at very affordable prices (some is free). This means that we can provide a very affordable service to groups with small budgets.

Case Study: Malvern Family History Society

Malvern Family History Society websiteMFHS has had a website for a number of years but only one person could maintain it. We replaced this with a WordPress website that a team could maintain. That way team members could share the work around and even go on holiday!

The website features many of the functions any society will need:

  • News area
  • Events Calendar
  • Members area
  • Contact form
  • Feed from their Facebook site

plus some more specific features, such as a directory of members' research interests.

Whilst we host the website, all the content is maintained by society members. We provided training for them and  a helpline but they have proved themselves very self-sufficient.

Presenting the certificate sizedThe site was entered for the Federation of Family History Societies annual awards and picked up first prize in the "Small Societies" category. Both we and the society were pleased at the recognition.

Our Service

Nepeta Consulting prides itself on providing a complete web service to societies and individuals. We help you design your site and training you how to maintain it yourselves. Yet we don't leave you high and dry. With our support service you can be assured of a friendly voice on the phone helping you out.

Web hosting

We can host sites for our clients or if that has already been arranged, we can help you support it on your chosen host. Our hosting package includes implementing the upgrades to the latest WordPress version so that you don't have to bother.

Web design

We work with you to create a website that looks good and works effectively for your users. We make sure that it is easy to use as well as easy for you to maintain. This includes a user guide tailored to your individual website and set up.


We provide training in WordPress to those that are wanting to maintain their site once developed. This can be as a group or as an individual at a location to suit you. We will also train you in what works and doesn't work on websites, so that your site is just what your users need.

On-going support

Even if you are maintaining your own site we are happy to answer questions when you get stuck and to get you out of whatever hole you think you are in.


For more information

If you would like more information about our services, please contact us. You can use the contact us form or call us on 07825 987114.

We look forward to hearing from you.