A Small Business Clinic workshop in progress.

MailChimp Workshops – October 2016

This was a two part series to take people through the whole of MailChimp and email marketing from the beginning.

“Email Marketing with MailChimp” in Malvern, September 2016

  • I found it useful going through the menus step-by-step.
  • Having hands-on access with the ability to ask questions was great.
  • A good overview, hands-on was excellent.
  • Looking forward to part 2!

“MailChimp Editor and Templates” in Malvern, October 2016

  • It was a really useful workshop.
  • It’s a big subject to cover but I feel much happier now!
  • Going through the reporting analysis was very useful.

Open Space Rooms, September/October 2016