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Are you starting a business?

When you are starting up a business there are so many things you need to do and all seem to be top priority. You need to:

  • develop your products
  • work out how to market them
  • sell products
  • get your company known
  • sort out the finances

and get yourself set up with a "back office". All this ... and often it's just you trying to do everything.

We can help you through the process of starting a business by identifying and prioritising what you need to make your business run smoothly.

What does the Start-up service offer you?

When you are starting up you want to make sure that you invest well for the future without spending too much now. Our service will look at what you need in terms of IT systems and processes to run now and in the future. We will recommend systems that will cater for your current needs but that also can expand in the future as the business develops. We don’t want to recommend you buy something that you will need to replace in six months!

The details will depend on what your business is and where you’re at now. The sorts of things which we can include in the service include:

Selecting and setting up

Which tools are right for your business? We can advise you. We can also set up your email - an essential tool for your business which looks so much more professional if you have a proper address.

Web Development and Hosting

A website is essential for any business; it's the modern equivalent of your sales brochure as a minimum. We can help you set create it and then host it for you.

Managing Sales and Stock

You need to reliable way to process all those orders you are going to get. If you are selling product then you will need to hold stock. How much and where? We can advise you on this and how to process your stock.

Managing your information and documents

You need to think about the documents you will be generating, how keep them and where. We can advise you on whether local or cloud storage is better for you. We can also help you make sure your information is secure and backed up.

We aim to be as impartial as possible and have your best interests at heart. Obviously if we can provide the services you need then we will tell you. However, if you need specialist help that we cannot provide, we will say so and, wherever possible, put you in touch with someone who can.

When to use our Start-up service

Typically by the time you start to think about how to deliver your business, you will have established your product, or concepts for them, and perhaps started selling. You may have a website and you may have developed simple systems, such as a set of spreadsheets or some forms, to handle orders. On the other hand, you might not even be sure which sort of computer equipment to buy. In either case you probably feel the need to get more organised to handle the anticipated orders.

Need help with your business plan?

Small Business Clinic logoAs part of The Small Business Clinic, we run a “Getting Started” workshop. This takes you through all the steps you have to take to complete your business plan. The half-day course runs three times a year in both Worcestershire and Herefordshire and best of all it's FREE!

As part of the workshop you get a business plan workbook to complete and refreshments to keep up your brain power during the workshop. For further details on this course and the others run by The Small Business Clinic, click here.


For more information

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