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Use our experience to help your business

At Nepeta, we use our years of experience of both the IT industry and how business runs to help you make the best use of IT. We know that you can have a wonderful system but if it doesn't "work" for the people in the business, it will be an under-used asset. We can help you get your systems and processes supporting your business well and efficiently.

We offer a range of services to help you deliver your business more effectively.

Nepeta Business Review

Check what you are doing

The Nepeta business review identifies the operational changes you need to your systems and processes to improve the efficiency of your business. Find out what it could do for you.

Improve your business efficiency

Don’t waste time or resources

How much time, money or effort are you wasting? You'd be surprised how much inefficiency is tolerated in a business . Find out how you could save money by eliminating waste.

Finding your information fast

Use the data you have

"Big data" is all the rage at present. Find out how Nepeta Consulting can help you find the answers you need when you want them.

Organising your documents

Filing can be worthwhile

Are your documents managed or do you waste time searching for them? Learn how we can help you sort out your documents and save time.

Database services

Manage your data effectively

Have you a spreadsheet or database that is vital to the business but very difficult to maintain? Nepeta Consulting can work with you to get it under control and easier to develop further.

Protect and secure your data

Cybersecurity counts

It is important to protect your business data from all sorts of risks. Find out how we can help you put in practical solutions to protect your information.

Bad systems cost business

Running inefficient or poorly designed systems and processes can cost a business a lot of money. You might not even be aware of the waste. Below are some of the common symptoms resulting from bad systems.

It doesn't have to be that way - computers and systems are supposed to make things easier not harder. Let us make it so! If you recognise any of these symptoms, please get in touch with us.

Frustrated staff?

Do your staff get frustrated by having systems and processes that stop them doing their job as well as they would like? As well as stressing them, it could be costing you money as well.

Website not working for you?

In today's competitive world, can you afford to run a website that does not guide potential customers to the goods, services or information they need? A bad website costs you customers.

Takes too long?

If your staff bamboozled by a complicated spreadsheet they are frightened to touch, it costs you time (as it takes longer to use) or provides you with inaccurate information (when they make mistakes). Can you risk it?

Losing business?

Can you afford to turn away business because your support systems cannot cope with the additional work?


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