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Your data is your most important asset

Take care of your computers and data; they are vital to your business

Take care of your computers and data; they are vital to your business

We have all read data horror stories in the press:

  • A server is hacked and the resulting user and password list published on the internet.
  • Personal information is at risk following the loss of a laptop.
  • The aftermath of a fire causes the demise of a business.
  • A virus renders a company’s computers unusable.

Whilst publicity is generally focussed on large, well known organisations, none of us is immune.

Imagine what would happen if you lost your customer list or the list of current orders? Could your business survive this catastrophe? At the very least it would create a lot of extra work to get back to the point at which the loss happened. It might also severely dent your company’s reputation.  Although that might seem over the top, statisitics show that losing data like this can easily bring down a business. It is important to protect your data.

Yet, too much protection can be bad

The risk and effect of losing data will vary between businesses. For example, if you don’t travel on business with a laptop, you won’t lose it! Similarly, if your systems are backed up properly, then it doesn’t usually matter if you delete a file by mistake. What is catastrophic to one business may hardly affect another. You need to decide on the level of risk you are happy to take when you implement new data security processes.  The last thing you want to do is make your business grind to a halt with a host of extra procedures for something very unlikely to happen and has little effect.

How Nepeta Consulting can help you

Make sure you protect both paper and electronic information

Make sure you protect both paper and electronic information

It is important to protect your information in a way that is appropriate to your business. Not all businesses need high grade information security measures in place, but everyone needs some. Nepeta Consulting can help you protect your data and your business in a cost effective manner. We combine our experience in business and data security to provide a common sense approach to data security. We aim to devise for you the best ways to protect against data loss in your situation whilst making sure the solutions are practical.

Our first step is to analyse the risks to your business from data loss. We also look at your current processes and protection mechanisms to check if they are adequate. Hopefully they will be, but if not we can advise you on what extra steps you need to take to protect the business. We will also implement these for you, if you wish.

If you hold data for or about other people, we can also advise on systems or processes that can track the data you hold and make it easier to manage.


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