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Take the chance to spot the obvious improvement that’s so easy to miss

How is your business doing?

When you run a business you get so involved in day to day tasks that it is not easy to step back and review its performance. It can be hard to look objectively at how well your processes and systems are running.

Our business review helps you answer these questions.

As an independent third party we can often spot the small changes which can make a big difference to the day to day running of your business. We aim to release your time and effort so that you can spend it on more profitable activities.

Where are you going next?

Similarly, it can be hard to make decisions on how to take the business forward when you are intimately involved. Our business review process can also be used to look at your future plans. Just talking these through with someone independent can be a great help.

Extra profit?

You may be making a profit but is the business as efficient as you think? Could you be making more money out of the same business?

Less waste?

You could be wasting time, effort or incurring unnecessary costs. Could you use your current resources more efficiently and thus reduce your costs?

More time?

Could you free up time to find more customers and expand the business?

When do I need a business review?

Like a servicing a car, it makes sense to conduct a business review regularly. Just like a car, it will keep running without servicing but it gradually becomes less efficient. We normally recommend an annual review, but more frequently if the business needs to undergo significant change, perhaps when taking on more staff, for example.

Something a bit different

There are plenty of business coaches out there. Many will give you good advice for your business strategy or sales and marketing but what we offer is a little different. We concentrate on the operational side of business. We look at how you work and what you need to do to deliver your business. This covers all aspects of running a business from IT systems, physical systems and the way you and your staff, if you have them, work.

We can give you that independent view of the good and the bad parts of your operation which are so hard to see when you are heavily involved.


Do you recognise these issues?

Are you short of time? Get a Nepeta Consulting Business Review

Running a business can be stressful. Nepeta can help reduce the stress.

If the following situations occur in your business, then it may be a good time for a review.

  • You can never find what you want quickly enough
  • You never have enough time to improve things
  • It takes ages to get information out to customers
  • You spend lots of time extracting information from systems
  • You or your staff grumble about or hate using the systems

What do I get from a business review?

A Nepeta business review involves a couple of hours of your time. We will visit you and talk through with you:

  • How your business works
  • What you want it to achieve
  • What is stopping you.

Afterwards we provide a written report of our findings.  This lists the areas we identified as needing attention and gives suggested improvements. Some of these improvements will be straightforward things you can do yourself. Other may involve more specialist help. We will also give you an estimate of the cost and expected benefit of each improvement so you can decide which are worth doing.


Nepeta Consulting will discuss your processes and locate those sticking points that waste time and effort

Our business review means sitting down with you and really understanding what you do and how you work. We get to know both you and your business.


For more information

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