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The client

Three Counties Canine Massage Therapy is the company of Helen Clarke. She provides massage therapy for dogs and has clients across the counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. When she came to us, she already had a WordPress website but it did not function the way she wanted. It was not responsive and she had trouble getting changes implemented. 

The project

Helen's existing website was functional although it did not have a responsive design and therefore users would struggle to use it on tablets and mobile phones. Although she had access to make changes to her site, she did not know how to do them herself. She also wanted to update the design of the site.

First of all we identified a theme that Helen liked and was responsive and simple to use. Then we transferred the existing content to the new theme and worked with Helen on the design of the new site. We also trained her to modify all the contents herself. 



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