Screen shot of the Robin Hall Opticians website by Nepeta Consulting

The website content for this site is very simple: a front page, list of services, some details about the practice staff, how to find the practice and a contact form. The difference with this site was the requirement to use pictures of real customers rather than stock photos. We spent an enjoyable morning at the practice taking photos of willing customers who were happy to be shown on the website.

The site may be straightforward but this contributes well to the SEO. It is second only to Boots when you search for opticians in the area and they don’t even have an optician’s there!

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Feedback from the client

I have recently had several positive comments about the site, and someone who is trying to sell us a web design, told me that their experts can get me higher up in the searches, by using special techniques. He then proceeded to try to demonstrate what he meant. He googled ‘optician’ and ‘Walkden’. He was a bit upset that we were the second item appearing on the page, just below Boots, who do not have an optical presence in Walkden.

It seems we do not require his expert. We have our own! Thank you, Catherine!

He asked who we got to design our website, as it looked ‘really professional’.

‘Yes, it is a professional job,’ replied the optometrist. ‘The company who did it belongs to my best friend, from school days. She is very good’.

Poor man. He left. Not quite tail between legs, but…