We have been members of Malvern Hills Business Forum (previously known as Malvern Small Business Forum) since we started Nepeta Consulting. It’s a friendly group of local businesses all happy to help each other. In 2013 the website required an overhaul: a new look, new structure and new content. As members of the group we volunteered to make the website and worked with the designer (Jane Anson of Independent Design) and photographer (Sharon White of WhiteCube Photography) to create the site.

Its contents included:

  • MSBF and member news
  • A diary of events
  • A directory of member businesses.

The site features a bespoke theme.

Move onto 2018 and another update was required: a new look and a new name.  It is now renamed Malvern Hills Business Forum, has a new logo and colour scheme. The website is now a single page.

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