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The client

Living Mosaics is the company of Victoria Harrison. She makes mosaic sculptures for private and public clients. When she came to us, she already had a WordPress website but it did not function the way she wanted. She also had trouble getting changes implemented. 

The project

Whilst her existing website was functional, Victoria wanted to be able to change the content herself whenever she wanted, rather than have to pay someone to update it for her. She was happy with the design.

Our investigations revealed that the old website used a very complex theme that made it very difficult to make modifications to the site without a lot of web knowledge.  If her site remained on this theme, it was going to be difficult for Victoria to maintain herself. The design of the site did not need to be changed.

We needed to find a simpler theme that meant she could add news items and events and make any other change to content by herself, but could still house the design she liked. Once the theme had been identified, we configured it and transferred the existing content into it. Finally we provided her with hands-on training so that she can now take control of her website.


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