Over the years Industrial Refrigeration Services Ltd have built a custom database application which manages their business. It controls all the technical and financial aspects of each job performed by the field engineers.

In theory, the field engineers could update the database in real-time when on-site with all the details of the job. However, it required them to have internet access from wherever they were, which was not always feasible. In the absence of a connection, the quality of information in the database could suffer. Problems were also experienced in connecting to the main server on their home site.

We worked with Industrial Refrigeration Services to reconfigure the application so that it could work stand-alone on the engineer’s laptop and provide more reliable connections to the engineers. This involved moving the main database into the cloud and implementing a regime of database synchronisation between all the engineers’ computers and the cloud.

Now, a field engineer can enter all the job details on site and know that all the information will be fed back to the main database once he reaches an area of better reception. The office can be assured that they have the most up to date information available.