International Feltmakers Association middle of home page - a website designed and maintained by Nepeta Consulting

The International Feltmakers Association is a network of feltmakers across the world. It is a membership organisation and it has an extensive website with lots of images. The functionality includes:

  • Membership system
  • Events management
  • Members’ gallery
  • News
  • Shop

We took on the maintenance of the website and completed a transformation that was already underway to set the website on a firm footing for the membership. Being able to join and renew online are key requirements for a worldwide organisation such as the IFA. It was also important that the membership secretary was able to manage the membership of over 1000 members easily.

Since then we have rebranded the site to give an updated look with emphasis on images, given felt making is a visual craft. The site now has a striking blue and mustard colour scheme which shows off the images well.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic we have added an online exhibition as feltmakers had lost all access to galleries and real-life exhibitions. The aim of the exhibition is to provide a way that members can show their skills despite lockdown.

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