This project involved not only designing the website, but also helping to plan out how the business would run and how all the processes would work.

Woo-commerce was used as the e-commerce engine behind a WordPress website. This allowed the customer to manage stock within the same system rather than having to keep separate records. This meant we could design an efficient system to handle orders.

We also had to work out how potential customers would use the site so that using it would be a pleasant experience and people would not get put off before they bought. This involves the same process as designing a real shop: teasers by the door, check-out easy to find and so on.

As well as accepting payments via PayPal, the site was set up to link into the Barclaycard payment system.

Social media integration was also important as the target customers are Facebook and Twitter users. There are feeds from both these applications onto the website to draw in potential customers.