The Association of Environment Conscious Building required an update to their WordPress website. Developed at a time when the the capability of plugins to provide complex functionality was limited, much of the functionality was coded. This also meant that they we unable to update the theme to a a more modern one.

The AECB is a membership organisation and it has an extensive website with lots of data. The functionality includes:

  • Membership system
  • Document database
  • Events management
  • Members’ directory
  • News
  • Shop
  • Forum

Quite a bit of this content is restricted to members only.

We took on the maintenance of the website and began project to upgrade the site to use commercially available theme and plugins. The aims of the project also included ensuring that the long term cost of site maintenance is minimised, which is why it was important to remove the code. The data from the original site had to be transferred and converted into a format supported by the commercial plugins.

The transfer was successful and the site continues to be developed.

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