‘Business Builder’ workshops

Whether you are starting out or already running a business, sales and marketing are key to growing your business.  You need to: Have products to sell with an identifiable brand Follow a coherent marketing strategy Be able to sell yourself … Read More

There are lots of different marketing channels - which work for you. Review your marketing plan
Review your marketing regularly

It’s easy to spend money on marketing When you start a business, you get all sorts of advice on the subject of marketing and how you should put adverts in here, tweet there, and the list goes on. I know … Read More

Use Venn diagrams to help you target your marketing
Target your emails and marketing

Target your emails and marketing buy making sure your emails are sent only to people that are interested. They achieve a much higher rate of success as a result and fewer people will think you’re trying to fill their inbox with junk.… Read More

About Nepeta Consulting

Hello, we are Mandy and Catherine and we are Nepeta Consulting We help people who are passionate about their business but need some assistance to improve how it works. We are not traditional business coaches or IT consultants although we … Read More

The MailChimp monkey - The Small Business Clinic (run by Nepeta Consulting) run MailChimp workshops
MailChimp Workshops Spring 17

We ran the pair of MailChimp workshops in March and April 2017: Email Marketing with Mailchimp MailChimp Masterclass The two workshops were run about a month apart, to give people time to practise inbetween. Here’s what they said: Useful training … Read More

Google analytics can be useful to see how your website works
Google Analytics Workshop Oct 17

The Google Analytics workshop gives you an overview of the product and relates this back to your website, so you can find out how people are using your site and hence improve it. These comments are from the workshop we … Read More

WordPress logo on dashboard - Nepeta Consulting uses WordPress for websites
WordPress Masterclass Feb 18

This WordPress Masterclass workshop is designed for people who know how to use the basics of WordPress but would like to extend their knowledge. We run these for small groups so that we can provide as much individual attention as … Read More

Tag cloud showing terms associated with GDPR - consultancy available from Nepeta Consulting
GDPR Workshop November 17 – May 18

We ran our GDPR workshop a total of 22 times, in various guises, over the six month period leading up to 25th May (“GDPR Day”). These are just a few of the comments we received. Very informative, relaxed but comprehensive … Read More

Workshop cancellation policy

Please let us know If you are unable to attend a workshop once you have booked, do please let us know as it is possible to cancel a booking in certain circumstances. Our workshops are for limited numbers, so we … Read More

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