About the Small Business Clinic

Friendly, practical advice and support Nepeta Consulting run workshops under the name of “The Small Business Clinic” across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Workshops cover a wide range of subjects all to do with business. They include business planning and marketing and … Read More

Getting Started in Business

How do you start a business? You’ve got your business idea, but how about actually getting started? What do you need to know before you begin? What decisions do you need to make when and which are critical? The answer … Read More

Workshops available

Small Business Clinic Workshops We have developed a series of workshops to help established businesses. They cover a wide range of subjects and provide practical advice and support on areas such as digital marketing, social media and running an efficient business. Some allow … Read More

WordPress logo on dashboard - Nepeta Consulting uses WordPress for websites
Upcycling your WordPress website

One of the advantages of using WordPress for a website is the separation between theme and content. The theme gives you the look and feel and the content are the words, images. It means you can change how it looks without affecting the … Read More

Examples of websites created by Nepeta Consulting
Does my business need a website?

We are often asked “Does my business need a website”? This is a common question from people starting up in business. After all, it’s another expense and thing to worry about, so if it’s not necessary, then why do it? … Read More

Tag cloud showing terms associated with GDPR - consultancy available from Nepeta Consulting
GDPR – Are you ready?

25th May comes closer! It’s less than a month until GDPR comes into effect and you really ought to have started sorting your business, charity or organisation out. Here are a few tips that may help if you are still … Read More

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