Cowleigh Park Farm -middle of home page. DEveloped by Nepeta Consulting
Cowleigh Park Farm

The Cowleigh Park Farm website was developed in around 2008. It was functional but by 2019, the website was no longer fit for purpose. The base technology was no longer supported, it did not work well on mobile devices and … Read More

Painter and Cole website shot - developed by Nepeta Consulting
Painter and Cole – HR Consultants

We took on the maintenance of an existing WordPress site when the original website designer was unable to continue looking after it. The site was maintained with its original design for a few years until in 2019, it was redeveloped … Read More

Malvern Civic Society - home page, middle - developed by Nepeta Consulting
Malvern Civic Society

Malvern Civic Society is a charity supporting the interests of Malvern residents in terms of the environment they live in and culturally. They needed their website redeveloped into one that is responsive, modern and provides more functionality.  Meetings and events … Read More

Screenshot of an online checkout - this could be affected by SCA regulations - Nepeta Consulting
Are you ready for Strong Customer Authentication?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) comes into force on 14th September. This will affect everyone who makes or takes payments online. These European regulations aim to reduce fraud and to make online payments more secure. You may already be aware of … Read More

Have you secured your .uk domain? Nepeta Consulting 2019
Do you need your .uk domain?

Five years ago the .uk top level domain was released. This was an addition to the normal top level domain that has existed for, well almost, ever. At the time of the release, the .uk domain was reserved for … Read More

Nepeta Consulting Logo
The importance of a brand

Every business needs an identity by which is can be recognised and remembered. This is especially true if your product or service is something that people don’t buy every day as they need to remember you when the time comes … Read More

‘How to’ Workshops

These workshops cover a wide range of subjects and provide practical advice and support on areas such as digital marketing, social media and websites. Most are hands-on, so that you can practise using popular tools, such as the various Google tools, MailChimp … Read More

Practical Workshops for Small Businesses

Workshops that provide the “how” as well as the “what” You need to know about so much when you’re running a business and there are plenty of consultants offering advice. BUT how many times do you seek advice and are … Read More

‘Business Basics’ workshops

Whether you are starting out or already running a business, it’s important that you run it correctly, that is: You remain legal – for HR, tax You run it efficiently – not wasting money unnecessarily You grow at the rate … Read More

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