Should you backup to the cloud?
(backup) Location, location, location

We asked about backup locations in our Five Minute Healthcheck. The responses suggest that specific backup devices (e.g. external hard drives or tape) are most popular while cloud storage wipes up most of the rest. Unfortunately very few take the precaution … Read More

Passwords: a thorny issue

Much debate went into issue of what questions we could reasonably ask about passwords in our Five Minute Healthcheck. While we wanted to encourage people to think about what they did, we did not want people to feel we were … Read More

Bar chart showing the format of documents received by a business
Documents, documents and more documents

We all know that every business relies on documents, but how many do we have to cope with and what do we do with them? What did our Healthcheck say about the way people manage their documents? We asked questions … Read More

Nepeta Consulting website front page
Does a business need a website?

Our Business Healthcheck questionnaire has been running for nearly a month now. It has two aims: To make people think about how they run their business and whether there were any inherent risks or inefficiencies in the way they operate. To … Read More

a checklist for putting the Nepeta website live
The joy of the checklist

The new website went live yesterday. It was always going to be a slightly interesting job as we did not particularly want to have our site down for any longer than we had to, but we were changing technology, format and … Read More

Privacy policy

Who we are Nepeta Consulting Limited is registered in England and Wales. Company No:7659231. Our registered office is 6 Link Way, Howsell Road, Malvern Link, Worcs, WR14 1UQ.   What personal data we collect and why we collect it We will … Read More

Contact Nepeta Consulting

The Nepeta Consulting privacy policy details the care we will take of all the information you supply to us through this form. Nepeta Consulting Ltd.  Registered in England and Wales. Company No:7659231 Registered office: 6 Link Way, Howsell Road, Malvern Link, … Read More

If your office goes up in flames
Why bother doing back-ups?

As part of our Business Review we always ask clients about their back-up arrangements, just to check that they are doing the basics right.  The range of responses to this question is quite revealing. Most people know that they should be making … Read More

Don't get behind with your filing - let us help you get organised
Reduce your Paperwork Mountain

At a talk to the Malvern Small Business Forum the other week we highlighted the excessive amount of paperwork, both physical and electronic, that could be generated from by processing a single order when each of the several participants filed … Read More

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