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Cat reading the screen whilst Nepeta Consulting train a client on how to maintain their website

Computers are interesting for cats as well as people

Something light-hearted for a change! When creating websites it is important to us that we train our clients so that they can maintain their website afterwards. On this particular occasion we were training a client who has a business selling dog and cat food as well as breeding pedigree dogs. She has a number of cats

Screen shot of the Nepeta Consulting Twitter page

How to reduce your Twitter emails

When you first sign up for Twitter you are presented with lots of options to set. The easiest thing to do is to leave most of the settings as the default values. Apart from anything else, this is quicker as it saves you thinking about what they mean. Some of the options relate to which notification emails

Example of a styling shee

Branding – the software engineer’s view

Our next Small Business Clinic workshop on Thursday is on the subject of branding. You can buy tickets for the workshop here but do read on! The importance of branding Getting the right look for your business/ product/ company is essential in today’s very visual world. Logos give instant recognition We have a slide which

An excel spreadsheet

Why spreadsheets?

We ran a workshop last month covering the basics of spreadsheets.  During the morning we covered the question “why spreadsheets?” Spreadsheets are an incredibly powerful tool for manipulating and reporting numbers as well as other types of data. This makes them a key tool for every manager and business owner. Indeed, many businesses run on

Make sure all your marketing activities are linked together.

Improving the effectiveness of your marketing

Marketing is key Over the next few weeks we have a series of workshops on different subjects which all relate back to marketing. Tomorrow (16th) we have “Getting the Words Right” – where we look at how to create good online content that people will use. Next week we cover email marketing, with our MailChimp

Getting the right words is key to success in marketing

Is counting words a distraction?

Are you counting words? Counting words is not a modern phenomenon.  I remember trying to distill a 4 week mapping project into a mere 6,000 words while at university. My daughter had a similar issue when writing her dissertation – how was she going to cut down to her 10,000 word allowance and put in

Get your email marketing working - make sure someone reads your email

Tips to improve your email marketing

Does your email marketing effort go straight into the bin? When you start to use email marketing, especially with some of the modern tools such as MailChimp, the temptation is to bombard the whole of your email list with information. You do this in the hope that they will give you some money, either by buying a

Small Business Clinic logo

Changes for the Small Business Clinic

The Small Business Clinic is two years old! It is now two years since Nepeta Consulting and Beacon Bookkeeping and Accountancy set up the Small Business Clinic as a collaborative venture between the two companies. Our aim was to provide practical advice and support to small businesses in the area around Malvern through workshops, as we felt

Setting up products online? Don't panci

Setting up products? Don’t panic!

Our last post talked about setting up your online shop so it can be found by your potential customers, and they are encouraged to buy once they get there. This post looks at the practical aspects of setting up products. The theory of setting up products Each product should be set up so it can

Setting up your online shop

Getting your products found in your online shop

As part of our business we run workshops on all sorts of subjects relating to business and IT. Next week we are running one called “Selling Online”, through the Small Business Clinic. It is all about how to sell your products online and looks at all the aspects that you need to consider when setting

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