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GDPR – Are you ready?

25th May comes closer! It’s less than a month until GDPR comes into effect and you really ought to have started sorting your business, charity or organisation out. Here are a few tips that may help if you are still not quite ready. 1. Use the Information Commissioner’s Office website This website contains all

iPhone control panel

Is your iphone wifi really off?

I updated my iPhone to IOS 11 over the weekend. When I next looked at the screen, I noticed that both wifi and bluetooth were on.  Strange. I normally have my wifi on at home, but keep my bluetooth off except when I want to transfer data from my Garmin. I switched it off. Browsing

How to put off a potential customer

Do you put your potential customers off?

Putting your potential customers off seems a silly thing to do Remarkably some businesses think it’s a good idea to put off potential customers before they have even had a chance to look at them. As an example, someone recommended that I looked at a marketing website last week. I typed in the url I’d

Exploring Google Analytics

Five tips for Google Analytics

Virtually every website you visit nowadays asks you whether you agree to the use of cookies on their site. In most cases this will be because the site is collecting visitor information through Google Analytics. The cookie is used allows Google to link together the pages you visit so the site owner can get information

Event registration screen - is all this information needed?

Do you need my address?

Last week I booked on an event. It was a free event – no payments involved and no tickets required. When I got to the registration screen, the system started asking me for information. It wanted name, email, address and phone number. I can understand the need for my name and company name: this was

There are lots of ways to describe email. Which ones should you use today?

Talking your customer’s language

At Nepeta Consulting we work hard to understand our customers and explain things in their language. This is vitally important if we are to deliver a successful project. It can also be quite difficult. An example came up in our Getting Started workshop. We were talking about email and taking the step of setting up

WordPress is great for websites. It makes upcycling easy and you don't have to be a techie to use it.

Upcycling your WordPress website

One of the advantages of using WordPress for a website is the separation between theme and content. The theme gives you the look and feel and the content are the words, images. It means you can change how it looks without affecting the verbal message and you can change the words without changing the visual message. Add in

choose your alter ego with care when testing a website

Every website admin should have an alter ego

When you manage a website, either for yourself or for a client, you are in a privileged position. You are effectively a god with permission to do everything. This can give you a very skewed view of your website. It can sometimes hide an issue which is obvious to a visitor or member and you may

Old design for Nepeta Consulting website

How quickly websites change

Running our workshop again Next week (Tuesday 2nd May), we are running our “Designing a business website” workshop for the Small Business Clinic again. It is a popular one that we run quite often that is useful for any small business who is thinking of creating, updating or reviewing their website. It covers: what information the website must contain,

Exploring Google Analytics

What can Google Analytics tell me?

Last night the discussion turned to what was happening next week and I mentioned our Google Analytics workshop. “Ah”, said the barman, “It’s a while since I checked mine. The trouble is that it is too easy to get distracted”. For his business, the phone is the main point of contact. Customers may or may

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