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Don’t waste time searching for documents

All businesses create documents, even if it's just the order paperwork. Most create much more than just that.

Whether the business is run just by you or with staff, you need a sensible method to follow when storing the documents. So you keep the right ones and you'll know where to find them. Searching for documents can be a great time waster.

Do you realise:

If it takes you an average of three minutes to find a document and you need to find about 10 documents a day, this adds up to about 3 weeks’ effort over a year.

Don't get behind with your filing - let us help you get organised

Don't get behind with your filing - let us help you get organised

Get Organised

Having efficient document storage for your business will save you time and money. We can analyse your information and work out the best solution for your business. We will look at where it is best to store your documents and in what format. In other words, whether your documents should be stored in your office or online, up in the cloud and whether simply storing the documents in folders is sufficient or you need a full document management system.

Understand your documents

We will help you work out which is the right information to keep, especially important when you have to comply with regulations.

Keep documents secure

Not everyone needs to see everything. We'll design a system that means the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

Documents can be found

There's nothing worse than wasting lots of time searching for documents. We will work out the best way to store your documents are categorised, so you can find them again.

Keeping the right information

Documents only need to be kept for a finite amount of time, some longer than others. We can help to eliminate the unnecessary duplicate copies.

Would SharePoint work for you?

SharePoint has been gaining popularity in the last few years and, with the advent of Office 365 and other cloud offerings, is now within the reach of small businesses. SharePoint can be used as a glorified file store, but comes into its own when configured in line with company processes.  SharePoint can provide version and audit control, easy access to templates and the ability to create different views of your library.

We have experience in configuring SharePoint sites for both large and small organisations (us!).  After working with you to determine how you want to work, we can set up and configure your site; train you and your staff and provide ongoing support.

Finding a better solution

Whilst we won’t offer to do the filing for you, Nepeta Consulting can create a sensible environment in which you can manage your electronic and paper documents effectively. Nepeta Consulting will work with you to devise and implement a practical and cost-effective solution.

Cloud or Office?

For small businesses, having documents stored online so that you can access them whilst you are on the move is often a good solution. We have experience of creating systems both within an office and out in the cloud. We use this to help you determine which is the best solution for you.


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