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Key Systems Cannot Fail

Have you developed your own systems for your business using spreadsheets or a database? These often become extremely complicated as you have more and more ideas of information you need to track. Then, before you know it, they are vital to the business but very difficult to maintain!

Relationships between data

We can help you get your database under control

If it's getting too much for you, then it is time to call in Nepeta Consulting. We have many years experience of taking on spreadsheets and databases that have grown too complex for the user to maintain. We stabilise them, sort them out and turn them into a system that you know you can rely on.

We will work with you

We know that people have often spent years developing these databases and are very proud of them. We will respect this and will not come in demanding that it all be thrown out and started again. Our aim is to stabilise the system and show you how to develop it properly so that it remains that robust, vital system for as long as you need it.

New or Reuse?

Obviously, if you want to replace it totally we are happy to work with you to devise the best replacement whether it is a bespoke development or using an off-the-shelf product or service.

Case Study

We recently completed a project to move the main business system for an engineering company into the cloud.

The company has a number of engineers who service equipment out in the field. They needed reliable access to the business system to help them do their job. In its original state, this was only possible when there was an internet connection, so there were times when the engineers and the office could not get up-to-date information.

We moved the system into the cloud and ensured the system would also work standalone, so that the engineers are not prevented from using the system even when they are somewhere with no internet connectivity. The office and field engineer systems are synchronised in real-time. Now, everyone has access a single set of information and knows what is going on. 


Thank you for all the effort providing the solution we needed



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