Computers are interesting for cats as well as people

Cat reading the screen whilst Nepeta Consulting train a client on how to maintain their website
Nepeta Consulting can make websites for cats as well as people!

Something light-hearted for a change!

When creating websites it is important to us that we train our clients so that they can maintain their website afterwards. On this particular occasion we were training a client who has a business selling dog and cat food as well as breeding pedigree dogs. She has a number of cats and the cats showed great interest in the business of creating the site.

As you can see in these photos, one of the cats took great delight in reading the screen. Then a kitten had a lovely time trying to create a post before he tried to catch the mouse.

Perhaps it just shows how easy we can make website creation for our clients!

Kitten looking at a computer mouse
A mouse! Can I chase it?