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Are you ready for Strong Customer Authentication?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) comes into force on 14th September. This will affect everyone who makes or takes payments online. These European regulations aim to reduce fraud and to make online payments more secure. You may already be aware of … Read More

Do you need your .uk domain?

Five years ago the .uk top level domain was released. This was an addition to the normal .co.uk top level domain that has existed for, well almost, ever. At the time of the release, the .uk domain was reserved for … Read More

The importance of a brand

Every business needs an identity by which is can be recognised and remembered. This is especially true if your product or service is something that people don’t buy every day as they need to remember you when the time comes … Read More

Review your marketing regularly

It’s easy to spend money on marketing When you start a business, you get all sorts of advice on the subject of marketing and how you should put adverts in here, tweet there, and the list goes on. I know … Read More

Target your emails and marketing

Target your emails and marketing buy making sure your emails are sent only to people that are interested. They achieve a much higher rate of success as a result and fewer people will think you’re trying to fill their inbox with junk.… Read More

How efficient is your business?

Do you think your business is efficient? When you set up a business or introduce a new process, you carefully think through what has to happen and set up a process that will work and be efficient. Time passes and … Read More

Five tips for Google Analytics

Virtually every website you visit nowadays asks you whether you agree to the use of cookies on their site. In most cases this will be because the site is collecting visitor information through Google Analytics. The cookie is used allows … Read More

Upcycling your WordPress website

One of the advantages of using WordPress for a website is the separation between theme and content. The theme gives you the look and feel and the content are the words, images. It means you can change how it looks without affecting the … Read More

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