Nepeta Consulting Logo 225

As some of you may know, Nepeta Consulting and the Small Business Clinic were originally set up as two entities. Each had its own branding:

  • Nepeta had slightly pinky purple and dark sage green colours.
  • The Small Business Clinic had royal blue, turquoise and orange.
Small business clinic logo

Two become one

Whilst they were separate, this was fine – each had its own set of marketing material and both were successful in giving us an identity people remembered.

Then, when they all ended up as part of Nepeta Consulting, this success caused a problem. We did not want to destroy the Small Business Clinic brand as quite a few people only knew us by that name. On the other hand, the two sets of colours clashed rather well!

For a while we stuck with two sites and maintained the branding on each, but it was an unnecessary overhead, so after a year we decided to combine the two sites. We ended up with the site coloured using the Nepeta brand but with any pages relating to the Small Business Clinic and the workshops being still in “SBC colours”. It was a compromise that could only last so long.

New colours, same shapes

We have now taken the big step of combining the branding to the same colour scheme – a compromise of the two.

Nepeta Consluting Logo
  • The “Nepeta green” is now slightly brighter.
  • The “Nepeta purple” is slightly bluer.
  • The “SBC turquoise” has been added as a third colour.

Now the whole of the site has the same colour scheme and feels much more coordinated.

The Nepeta logo is simply re-coloured. We’ve kept the same shape for the Small Business Clinic logo but recoloured it. We hope it still recognisable.

Hopefully, that’s it in terms of branding for a few years.