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choose your alter ego with care when testing a website

Every website admin should have an alter ego

When you manage a website, either for yourself or for a client, you are in a privileged position. You are effectively a god with permission to do everything. This can give you a very skewed view of your website. It can sometimes hide an issue which is obvious to a visitor or member and you may

Old design for Nepeta Consulting website

How quickly websites change

Running our workshop again Next week (Tuesday 2nd May), we are running our “Designing a business website” workshop for the Small Business Clinic again. It is a popular one that we run quite often that is useful for any small business who is thinking of creating, updating or reviewing their website. It covers: what information the website must contain,

Exploring Google Analytics

What can Google Analytics tell me?

Last night the discussion turned to what was happening next week and I mentioned our Google Analytics workshop. “Ah”, said the barman, “It’s a while since I checked mine. The trouble is that it is too easy to get distracted”. For his business, the phone is the main point of contact. Customers may or may

How does Google know where my website is?

How does Google know where my website is?

How your website is wired into the internet is not a subject most people lose sleep about – until it needs to be changed. Below is a short explanation of how hosting and registration fit together. We also throw in some handy tips for making it easier when you come to change. Website Hosting This

Facebbook page for the Small Business Clinic - it's connected

Are you well connected on Facebook?

Facebook reveals a lot about your business Are you well connected on Facebook? We have been doing quite a bit work with Facebook lately: running workshops and also helping clients from small businesses to get going on Facebook. It has been very interesting looking at how people use Facebook to work out what makes a successful

Sample https address bar s from Nepeta Consulting

Should my website be https?

Have you looked at the address bar in your browser recently? If you have, you might have noticed some changes sneaking in. One is the increasing use of secure (https) sites even if there is no interaction with the visitor. The second is the appearance of icons which show you explicitly whether the site is

An excel spreadsheet

Three tips for Spreadsheets

Following a discussion on spreadsheets at the Hereford Referrals Brunch last Friday, I thought that some tips are worth sharing. Many spreadsheets are built, used and then forgotten. Others are well used and get developed further to provide more information to the business. Some “one-off” spreadsheets become business critical. It pays to use a sound structure to start

Confusing road signs - make sure your marketing directions are clear. Nepeta Consulting can help

Get your marketing directions right

Confused or What? The other day I spotted the above collection of road sign by some road works. This is either the shortest diversion ever or some very bad sign placement. Either way, it made me laugh! Lessons in Clear Marketing Nonetheless, it contains a very important lesson for anyone who is marketing their business

Five tips for Google Analytics

Virtually every website you visit nowadays asks you whether you agree to the use of cookies on their site. In most cases this will be because the site is collecting visitor information through Google Analytics. The cookie is used allows Google to link together the pages you visit so the site owner can get information

Finding that email can take time

Five ways to find that email

You know the scenario. You know there is an email which contains a piece of vital information somewhere in your mailbox. You may know who sent it and have an idea of when, or maybe the subject, but can you pin it down? Below are five suggestions to help you in your quest. Note that

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